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Weather is complex, and often, a simple graphic does not tell the whole story.

That is why Finger Lakes Weather meteorologist Drew Montreuil blogs frequently.

From detailed forecast discussions and recapping recent weather events, to looking beyond our region at what the weather is doing elsewhere, to teaching about the weather in an easy to understand format, Finger Lakes Weather offers four different blogs.

Commenting and sharing is encouraged! After all, Weather is Social!

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Local Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts for the Finger Lakes and surrounding areas.

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FLX Weather Updates

Company updates, announcements, and weather event summaries.

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Weather Education

Easy to understand explainations of how the weather works.

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Weather Outside the FLX

Significant weather events happening outside the Finger Lakes.

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All Recent Blog Posts

Sunday Noon Update: A few strong storms possible this afternoon


Scattered thunderstorms are possible, especially through the mid-afternoon, with a few potential becoming severe.… Read More

Thunderstorm chances increase today, continue into the weekend


[Read Time- 2:11] Thunderstorms will become more numerous this afternoon with continuous lightning, locally strong winds, and torrential downpours. … Read More

Hazy, hot, and humid with isolated storms again today


[Read Time- 2:20] Another day with hot temperatures and oppressive humidity will lead to the possibility of isolated but strong storms. … Read More

Hot and humid again today with late storms possible


[Read Time- 2:48] Hot and humid weather will prime the atmosphere for thunderstorms late today if a nearby disturbance is strong enough to get the storms developing.… Read More

Week-long heat wave kicks off today


[Read Time- 2:23] Many areas will at least get close to 90 degrees today with low and mid 90s highly likely Tuesday-Thursday. Chances for rain will be low, but not zero. … Read More

Comfortable Father’s Day Weekend precedes potentially intense heat wave


[Read Time- 3:21] Temperatures will dip on Saturday, but increase on Sunday. An intense heat wave is looking likely next week.… Read More

Warm today, but not as hot as next week


[Read Time- 2:21] Temperatures will jump to the mid 80s today before a cold front tomorrow. Multiple days of 90-degree heat is likely next week.… Read More

Temperatures begin to rise with few chances for rain


High temperatures will reach the 70s today and will be well into the mid 80s tomorrow. Prolonged hot weather is expected starting next week. … Read More

Clouds linger until late, rapid warm-up starts tomorrow


[Read Time- 2:24] After clouds hang tough much of the day, a little late sun will be possible, a sign of sunnier, warmer weather to come. … Read More

Cool start to less active weather week


[Read Time- 2:15] Temperatures will run 10-15 degrees below average this afternoon, but warmer weather and sunshine is not far away.… Read More

Weekend afternoons not looking too rainy


[Read Time- 2:02] After showers Friday afternoon, most of the weekend rain will fall Saturday night and early Sunday. … Read More

Showers, a few storms today as cold front moves through


[Read Time- 2:36] Rain will be most likely during the late morning and early afternoon, followed by lower humidity and some sunshine to end the day.… Read More

Unsettled weather builds in late today after another warm day


[Read Time- 3:08] Rain chances will increase late today and especially after sunset, though some areas may dodge most of the rain through Thursday and even Friday.… Read More

Warm and muggy weather leads into rainy, cooler pattern


[Read Time- 2:30] Temperatures will be well into the 80s Tuesday and Wednesday, but may not escape the 60s this weekend. … Read More

Temperatures warm before weather turns unsettled


[Read Time- 2:22] Only a stray spit of rain is expected on Monday and Tuesday. Daily rain chances increase significantly thereafter, continuing at least into the weekend.… Read More

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